Carlos Oscar
Life Is Crazy Good!
Warner Brothers 2007
64 minutes

Life Is Crazy Good the Carlos Oscar DVD will probably please if you like family friendly comedy. Unfortunately here clean stand-up comedy also means pretty standard fare. Life is Crazy Good opens with a really good bit about growing up poor and Oscar’s crazy parents that shows the comic has listened to a lot of Bill Cosby and has a lot of comedic talent. It also shows Carlos Oscar has listened to too many comics because though his material is his own it is often the often kind of stuff everybody else does.

Life Is Crazy Good is a fairly decent comedy DVD. I wish Oscar had gone longer with his growing up material because it is the most original stuff here. Though he is pretty good at the segue, the jump to the routine about how he met is wife is rather abrupt and that relationship material, including his wife’s shopping habits is good stuff but standard fare (though it is original stuff when he goes back to it later on). This is followed by a mother in law bit. Again, I wish he had done more with the premise and less with the, again, good but standard material he used. I even got the feeling Oscar got lost a bit ┬ábecause later on he starts up with the same my mother in law blames me for everything set up before quickly jumping to a bit about kids today where there is a solid bit about his daughter playing Starbucks that is again too short compared to what comes next. I have to admit that amongst the standard fare routines, Oscar’s lettering in home schooled bit stands out as very original.

Another promising bit is when Oscar opens with teaching Spanish to his daughters before going for some very original stuff about using your body to spell out letters. Again, Oscar then comments on how the British accent makes everything sound classy and the Italian accent makes everything sound tough. Hmmm.

What bugs me most about Carlos Oscar Life is Crazy Good is the many times where the opening moments of a routine are very interesting and then the comic goes for the usual comedy stuff: For example the growing up poor bit; the many women in the kitchen during the holidays; or his daughter playing Starbucks.

Carlos Oscar Life Is Crazy Good DVD could also have used a good closing routine instead of the disorganized bits and pieces Oscar gives the audience.

The Carlos Oscar Life Is Crazy Good DVD opens with one of my pet peeves when it comes to comedy DVDs, the pre-show sitcom style sketch. Few of them are any good and the comic always looks stiff and rehearsed.


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