What a wonderful stand-up comedy DVD Jeremy Hotz What a Miserable DVD This Is is.

This is the 2008 Just For Laughs one-man show Hotz did for a Montreal crowd at the Imperial Theatre. Aside from the lame opening sequence with the producer, this stand-up comedy DVD of What a Miserable Show This Is is excellent all the way through.

The first third of Jeremy Hotz What a Miserable DVD This Is plays to a local more than international audience. Hotz opens with the standard Just For Laughs gambit of doing some Montreal material to get the crowd on side. It is good stuff, in fact much better than the usual fare. This segues nicely into a Canada versus the US bit. Jeremy Hotz’ long time fans will recognize a couple of the jokes in this routine including that of the Pilgrims and the belts on their hats. Hotz then focuses his attention on what is Canadian.

A lot of this show involves Jeremy Hotz riffing with the audience within a routine. A very good bit involves dogs and cats.  The superb bit here is men and women. This is standard fare in stand-up comedy but Hotz semi off the cuff version is way above the norm.

This Jeremy Hotz DVD is on the short side at 45 minutes but they are 45 very good minutes. Special features include Hotz’ first Just For Laughs Gala performance in 1991 (8 minutes) and deleted scenes from the Imperial Theatre show. This DVD features some adult language.

What A Miserable DVD This Is
Jeremy Hotz
Stand-up Comedy DVD
VSC 2010
45 minutes

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