The Carlos Mencia No Strings Attached stand-up comedy DVD shows why  Mencia is a love him or hate him stand-up comic.

AKA Ned Arnel Mencia is an in your face, blue, race humor Latino comic who offends more than he entertains. What is really offensive about this stand-up comic is his constantly explaining his jokes and telling his audience they have to be stupid not to laugh. No Strings Attached, a 2006 Comedy Central special now on DVD will not change anybody’s mind .

Filmed in front of a large and appreciative San Francisco crowd, No Strings Attached is everything Carlos Mencia is known for. Right off the bat he does a dick joke and then a bunch of beaner jokes. It is also evident early on Mencia is still into milking his bits a bit and explaining the joke for “the stupid people who didn’t get it”. He repeatedly feels the need to explain why his material is not racist and why you had to be stupid not to laugh at the joke he just told. Add a lot of good ol’ Amaricun flag waving and you get an audience who just automatically goes for it.

I draw the line at Carlos Mencia justifying his race jokes with the fact “a soldier is dying tonight so we can have freedom of speech in this country”. That is just lowest common denominator pandering. In addition, saying the nineteen 9/11 highjackers crossed over from Canada is in Mencia’s own words just “dee-dee-dee stoopid”.

The bit about performing for some disabled people is the one pretty decent bit on this stand-up comedy DVD but is it true?

The one thing Carlos Mencia cannot seem to escape is accusations of plagiarism. Comic Joe Rogan has devoted a lot of energy proving these accusations –you can check out their validity for yourself at Rogan’s website . George Lopez has also raised the issue regarding thirteen minutes worth of his material. All of this, and the story about the Bill Cosby football routine, can be evaluated on YouTube.

No Strings Attached
Carlos Mencia
Stand-up Comedy DVD
The Comedy Network 2006

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