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Louie Anderson
Mom! Louie?s Looking At Me Again
Live At The Guthrie
Stand-up Comedy DVD
PBS 1989
Melee 2006
70 Minutes

Mom Louie's Looking At Me Again, Live At The Guthrie stand-up comedy DVD is the result of comic Louie Anderson having some business savvy. In the commentary track Anderson tells the story of how this TV comedy special came about: He could not get an HBO or Showtime special so he brokered a deal with his native Minnesota PBS station to film a special they could use for fundraising and he could sell anywhere else. It worked out well for both parties. This also works out well for the many Louie Anderson fans who have been either pining for the re-release of this special on DVD or those who wish there was more Louie Anderson stand-up comedy available out there.

The creator of the Life With Louie cartoon series is in fine clean comedy form on Mom! Louie's Looking At Me Again! The real star of this DVD is of course Louie Anderson's dysfunctional family.

There is of course his rather aggressive dad, his doing her best neighborhood watch mother, and the brother he picks on. One the many good stand-up routines here is about Thanksgiving at the Anderson home, including the lime Jell-O with the shredded carrots on top "What? Your aquarium freeze up?", and, of course, the unwanted relatives.

The scary thing is we can all relate to Anderson's stories even if our own family was not as weird Everybody's mom (or girlfriend) has driven around pointing out places and people you absolutely do not remember.

Anderson is also the master of the callback; just follow the mentions of Shirley and toaster cords to see what a really good callback is or, even better, the sound of his father loading a gun. He is also a master of the segue so one routine flows seamlessly into the next.

No family is more dysfunctional than at Christmas. The Christmas tree routine is a prime example. This segues nicely into show ball fights, the family pet, and a nice bit of improve as Louie Anderson amuses himself with a stage prop.

Louis Anderson Mom! Louie's Looking At Me Again! DVD is great fun for anyone who has grown up dysfunctional or not. Though the show is almost twenty years old, the comedy here is timeless.

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