Louis CK
One Night Stand
HBO Stand-Up Comedy
HBO Home Video 2006
30 minutes plus extras

Louis CK is a stand-up comic who has been around for a while. In fact, one of the extra features on Louis CK One Night Stand is an eleven minute clip of his 1995 Young Comedians Performance at Aspen, Colorado.

Eleven years later, CK and HBO have released his One Night Stand stand-up comedy show as a DVD (others include Caroline Rhea, Jim Norton, and Earthquake).

His sitcom, Lucky Louie with Laura Kightlinger and Jim Norton is currently airing on HBO. CK has also spent a lot of time writing (he was one of the writers behind Chris Rock’s movie Down To Earth) and his credits include Conan O’Brian, David Letterman, Dana Carvey, Saturday Night Live, and The Chris Rock Show.

Louis CK (pronounced see-kay) One Night Stand comedy DVD shows a stand-up comic who does autobiographical and relationship jokes with some observational comedy thrown in. He also works blue, not something I mind, for no particular reason.

One Night Stand opens with a comment on the movies Hollywood is offering these days and a rather good take on Mel Gibson’s Passion Of The Christ that segues nicely into what hell would be like.

He then does the usual “it’s difficult to listen to my wife and I got ADD” material although his version of why it is difficult to listen to his wife is a bit more original. Louis CK also talks about how having a child means not having sex anymore and the consequent need for masturbation.

Much more interesting, funny, and original is his story about playing hide and seek with his daughter. This, for me is the high point of this stand-up comedy DVD. His material on being poor and white trash does not exactly break new ground nor does his gay, going to summer camp, or bad parents material.

Louis CK One Night Stand is not the best of the comedy DVDs in this HBO series but it is decent. It is more a rental than a keeper much like CK is your average stand-up comic.


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