The first Caroline Rhea stand-up comedy CD What Is It You Can’t Face? firmly belongs in the “What took you so &^%$ long?”

Granted, the wait was worth it. This is a solid stand-up CD that cannot possibly let down Rhea’s many fans and will make her quite a few more. I still wonder though what took the star of Sabrina, The Caroline Rhea Show, and Hollywood Squares so %$#%^ long but that is because I hope the next one is around the corner.

There is no one quite like this stand-up comic. Rhea has a very distinct approach and delivery. Somewhat disorganized and easily off on a tangent, Rhea sounds like she is having as much fun as the audience, if not more.

This in many ways is what makes Caroline Rhea and her stand-up comedy CD refreshing. You do not have the impression of a comic going through the standard set list and patter that has worked night after night. There is a conversational and off the cuff quality to her delivery that really works and also makes you feel like you are a guest at one of her parties or vice versa.

Rhea is mostly a biographical comic. I’ve always found “bubbly” and “vivacious” rather pejorative when it comes to women stand-up comics but they do apply to this comedienne.

There are many good routines on What Is It You Can’t Face?  but my favorite is Dragon at the Door. Anyone who lives with a snorer will bust a gut listening to this bit.

The show ends with Rhea really going off the set list to tell a couple of jokes. Funny stuff and part of what makes this CD original and fun to listen to

Those expecting family friendly comedy because of the TV show just do not get the idea she was playing a character. They will be even more disappointed to hear the cat was not real.

If you listen to this stand-up comedy CD, you will never be able to watch The Sound of Music without thinking of Rhea.

What Is It You Can?t Face?
Caroline Rhea
Independent release stand-up comedy CD
47 minutes

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