Colin & Brad: Two Man Group
Colin Mochrie, Brad Sherwood
Improvisational Comedy DVD
Image Entertainment 2011
67 minutes

If you enjoyed Whose Line Is It Anyways and / or appreciate good improvisation comedy you are going to absolutely love Colin & Brad Two Man Group. This hour-long DVD has Colin Mochrie and Brad Sherwood of Whose Line fame to various comedy skits. The clincher is the mousetrap skit where the barefooted and blindfolded comedians must improve while walking around a stage covered with 250 mousetraps -and I do not mean the kid s game.

Part of what makes Colin & Brad Two Man Group successful is the Milwaukee audience. Audience participation is central to much of the comedy here and these people knew what ticket they were buying. This is obvious in the Sound Effects skit where all the audience soundmakers are great.

The are a couple of sketch formats that will be unfamiliar to Whose Line fans. One is sideways where there is a basic set –wall, window, door– placed flat on the stage so Mochrie and Sherwood have to act while lying down. It is a very odd looking and fun skit.

Other bits on the Colin & Brad DVD are One Word Expert where they answer audience questions using one word each, Jeopardy, Interpreter, and Torture which is a combination of If You Know What I Mean, Letter Substitution, and Questions Only.

The closer is Mousetraps and I challenge you not to wince and pee yourself laughing at the same time.

Special features on this improvisation comedy DVD are Do s and Don ts of Improv and an interview with Colin Mochrie and Brad Sherwood. Both are banal.

Colin & Brad Two Man Group – Live and Dangerous Comedy is a very enjoyable DVD. You might think it is the kind of thing you enjoy only once but you will probably share it time again with friends and relatives.

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