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How Do You Know
Reese Witherspoon, Owen Wilson, Paul Rudd
Written and directed by James L. Brooks
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 2011

How Do You Know is a romantic comedy DVD that only works if you let it play by its own rules. Otherwise this movie starring Reese Witherspoon, Owen Wilson, and Paul Rudd sounds off key all the way through.  At two hours, How Do You Know is long for a lightweight romcom. It is sort of worth the effort.  .

Witherspoon plays thirty-four-year-old Lisa who just got cut off the U.S. Olympic baseball team after a successful career. Paul Rudd is George, a financier of some kind in some kind of trouble with the Federal Trade Commission. Owen Wilson plays Matty, a Washington Nationals pitcher and your stereotypical Casanova jock.

Lisa bounces between goofy jock Matty and confused, overwhelmed by the circumstances, honest George. The twist is both are nice guys, both have something lisa needs, and Lisa has something both Matty and George needs.

This is a good, original story. There are good moments like when Matty is trying out what a serious guy would do in a given situation. The problem is many scenes are really badly written and presented. For example, the restaurant scene where Lisa meets George for the first time; even the most psychotic stalker would agree there is no way Lisa would have stayed and ordered.

Where this comedy derails is with the background story involving George s company and his father (Jack Nicholson). Nicholson has a minor, generic role but is so atrocious he almost steals the movie.

How Do You Know does not really work but it is kind of worth watching for its originality.

Special features on How Do You Know are a Blooper Reel, Deleted Scenes, Extra Innings, a Making Of, and a Commentary Track and Select Scene Commentary Track.

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