I Say Nay Nay
John PInette
Stand-up comedy DVD
Nine Yard Records

I Say Nay Nay should come with a case of Depends: you are going to need them. John Pinette is the funniest man alive (RIP) and his DVD I Say Nay Nay proves that beyond a shadow of a doubt. Those lucky enough to have seen Pinette live -such as the week-long sold out shows at the Gesu Theatre in Montreal during the Just For Laughs Comedy Festival– will definitely enjoy this stand-up comedy DVD and will most certainly play it time and again. Those who have bought Pinette’s first comedy CD, Show Me The Buffet (Uproar Records) will also want to get I Say Nay Nay as it is basically John Pinette doing his thing but with all new material. I Say Nay Nay is 60 minutes of absolutely brilliant and extremely funny stand-up comedy. Buy this DVD.

I Say Nay Nay features John Pinette playing to his many fortes. Buffet stories, what he is most famous for, make up but a small part of this excellent live stand-up performance comedy DVD so those who already have his stand-up comedy CD will not feel like they have heard this material before. You also get the many nay nay moments of Pinette doing various sports such as parasailing, skiing (brilliant though the version aired as part of the Just For Laughs TV show is slightly better), and, of course, going to water parks.

It is very difficult to pick and choose a best from the 60 minutes of great comedy on I Say Nay Nay, the stand-up comedy DVD by John Pinette. If pressed, however, the choice would be either the European Tour stories (food in England, France, and Italy and a very funny story about getting lost in the British Museum) or the series of recurring references to Pinette’s impatience with people who hold up the line (at the supermarket, the Dairy Queen, the buffet, anywhere). Pinette has a great talent for the lost art of the callback and he uses it over and over again on I Say Nay Nay to great effect.

The bonus track on I Say Nay Nay is the 1992 appearance John Pinette made on Fox’s Sunday Comics. This is definitely a bonus as it is nice to see an early Pinette act. It is, of course, funny as hell.

The only negative about the I Say Nay Nay DVD by John Pinette is that the cover is ugly as hell, we are talking ooooooogly, and makes this DVD look like some fly by night bargain bin release which it most certainly is not. Pinette deserved far better than this lousy so-called artwork probably done by the sketch artist from the Podunk PD


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