Jerry Seinfeld
Live On Broadway: I’m Telling You For The Last Time
HBO 1998

Seinfeld is a bit of a stand-up comedy conundrum. He works with the most basic material and with keen craftsmanship delivers quirky, funny and pointed observations about the most mundane aspects of our lives. This is what you get on I’m Telling You For The Last Time filmed Live On Broadway as an HBO concert.

This stand-up comedy DVD opens with one of the most lame sketches I have ever had the misfortune of seeing. The only saving grace was the presence of so many funny men who obviously respected Seinfeld enough to come together for this lame bit. Paul Reiser, Allan King, George Carlin, Ed McMahon, Carol Leifer, Jay Leno, Larry Miller, Garry Shandling and George Wallace all take part in the funeral for Jerry’s old monologue routines. This opening sequence has only one thing in common with the rest of Seinfeld’s work on this comedy DVD – its presence on the DVD – nothing else.

Jerry Seinfeld is in top form from the start to the finish of this funny hour long stand-up routine. Anyone who knows anything about comedy knows that it is hard enough to come up with 5 minutes of material and that you can make a career of 20 minutes, but this is a whole hour of solid stand-up. Seinfeld proves beyond all shadow of a doubt that he is the master of minutia. There is no foible too minor and no detail too obscure to escape his sharp wit, whether it is the razor blade disposal in an aircraft washroom or the expiry dates stamped on milk Seinfeld has a funny take on it.

I’m Telling You For The Last Time : Live On Broadway HBO special is definitely worth a look for fans of Seinfeld and fans of stand-up. Seinfeld delivers the goods in this last performance of his old material.


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