Aside for about 10 minutes at most the stand-up comedy DVD version of David Cross Bigger and Blackerer is not sensibly different from the CD version.

Oddly enough, I found this stand-up comedy DVD less interesting than its audio only version. This is probably due to repeated listenings and viewings over a short period of time and my starting with the CD. This, and the fact I watched Bigger and Blackerer with a friend who was less than impressed.

Watching David Cross perform the routines highlighted how repetitive his interpretation of an American convervative turns out to be. Not that I am into the Dane Cook fake energy oversell approach to stage presence but I found Cross a little too bemused with his material to really involve the audience.

Both Bigger and Blackerer CD and DVD open with a bit about health food stores and segue into an overly long drug bit. Better is the Or Worse routine based on some bad public service advertising Cross found in England.

Cross then takes on Conservative America but it lacks bite and is sometimes generic stuff like the observation conservative can bitch about America all they want but go ballistic if a liberal does.

A noted improvement on this stand-up comedy DVD compared to the CD is we are spared the Cross shitting himself routine and instead given a look at Jesus’ Carpentry Shop (probably Shoppe).

Only a hard core fan would get both versions of David Cross Bigger and Blackerer. Either is a decent choice.

Special features on this David Cross DVD are 5 deleted clips from the Bigger and Blackerer show and a clip from a 2004 Seattle, WA show. Features run for about 30 minutes.

Bigger and Blackerer
David Cross
Stand-up Comedy DVD
SubPop 2010
62 minutes

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