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Monty Python Not The Messiah
William Ferguson, Shannon Mercer, Christoper Purves
Eric Idle, other Python
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 2010
91 minutes

Superb. Monty Python Not The Messiah – He’s a Very Naughty Boy is the comic oratorio version of The Life Of Brian with a lumberjack tossed in at the end. This is a grand production at the Royal Albert Hall in London with the BBC orchestra and some 140  chorists. Unlike other Monty Python DVD, this one does not milk the franchise. It is simply impossible not to enjoy Not the Messiah – He’s a Very Naughty Boy.

This Monty Python DVD features Sing Along tracks for “What Have the Romans Ever Done For Us”, “The People’s Front of Judea”, “You’re the One”, “Amourdeus”, “Take Us Home”, and of course “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life

Monty Python Not The Messiah features Eric Idle as the narrator of The Life of Brian. Classical singers William Ferguson as Brian, Shannon Mercer as Judith, Christoper Purves as Reg, and Rosalind Plowright as Mandy are simply superb. They are great singers but also good actors, especially Ferguson. They also obviously have the sense of fun necessary to pull off an oratorio version of Life of Brian.

This is especially apparent in Amourdeus.

Monty Python alum Michael Palin, Terry Jones, Terry Gilliam, and Carol Cleveland make guest appearances at various times. Eric Idle’s musical partner John Du Prez leads the BBC orchestra.

Not the Messiah – He’s a Very Naughty Boy is given the kind of film treatment you expect for a great classical music performance. All the classic camera moves and angles are there. The lighting is also superb.

The adaptation of The Life of Brian into an oratorio reveals how musically talented and clever Idle and Du Prez are. Not the Messiah features many musical genres and none of the songs feel imposed on the genre used for it.

Other special features are The Road to the Albert Hall, The Bright Side, and Showtime.

By the way, Brian is now thirty something, just like Christ was.


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