Established comics using their fame to give new stand-up comedians a leg up is always nice. This is what Katt Williams does with Katthouse Comedy, providing Red Grant, Luenell, and Melanie Comarcho some DVD exposure.

It would be nice if said established comic, in this case Katt Williams, showed up in more than pre-show hand-held camera footage. Especially since Katthouse is a very ordinary showcase style stand-up comedy DVD with rather lousy sound

This stand-up comedy DVD opens with some really lousy hand-held camera pre-show footage before cutting to Red Grant on stage in Las Vegas. Grant, a Black David Letterman lookalike, opens with a bit on the joys of morning head and a decent enough White Folk / Black Folk Christmas routine. Red Grant does a few bits based on TV shows like Cheaters and Maury Povich: not the most difficult or original stand-up around. The comic does close with a great audience participation bit. Grant does not quite get to close as he is cut-off by a lame interstitial about Luenell’s issue with panties.

Most annoying is the sound glitch that starts with Grant’s Povich bit; it’s as if his mic level is set to lower than low. Consistent volume level is also a serious problem during Luenell’s performance. This is not a problem during Comarcho’s performance.

Luenell opens with a bit about women getting drunk and relationships. This segues is some sexual advice that would make Dr. Ruth blush. There is little in Luenell’s material other large, Black comediennes have not done and done better.

Katthouse Comedy picks up a bit with closer Melanie Cormacho. This stand-up comic opens with some somewhat raunchy relationship stand-up and advice on the appropriate time to give head. Cormacho is pretty decent but a bit static, especially in her delivery.

Katt Williams‘ Katthouse Comedy is not a particularly interesting stand-up comedy DVD.

Katt Williams Presents Katthouse Comedy
Red Grant, Luenell, Melanie Comarcho
Stand-Up Comedy DVD Widescreen
Salient Media 2009
65 Minutes

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