Don Tjernagel will scar you for life. Catharsis opens with a buttf@ck joke and ends with a buttf@ck joke that includes a callback

You can’t get dirtier than this stand-up comic. One routine involves his girlfriend in a gangbang with Mexican gardeners treating her like a sex piñata. You will never be able to look at a piñata (or a gangbang) without thinking of this. This is the kind of material Don Tjernagel does on his latest stand-up comedy DVD Catharsis. Oh, it gets even dirtier.

You have to be in the right mood to enjoy Tjernagel. Almost an hour of dirty comedy can be hard to take although the comic looking for a r!m job joke his mother will approve of is funny.

Don Tjernagel usually balances his adult material with some very smart social and political stand-up. It allows the viewer to get a bit of respite. It also allows the comic to show he is more than a dirty comic. Although there is a bit on social pressures when you get into a relationship, I found this DVD lacked the really smart political or social bit the comic usually slips in.

Production wise Catharsis is excellent. The film crew used more than one camera and the producer does not try to make you seasick by switching angles every ten seconds.

Don Tjernagel
Independent Release 2010
55 minutes

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