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Cougar Town  The Complete First Season
Courteney Cox, Busy Phillips, Christa Miller
24 episodes 3 DVD
ABC 2009-10
ABC Studios 2010

Cougar Town is an entertaining situation comedy about a forty something single woman with a teenage son and odd friends. The storylines are original (and guys sometimes get to enjoy Courteney Cox in lingerie episodes 1 3 and 7 for example). The Complete First Season  One of this sitcom features 24 episodes on 3 DVD and better than usual special features.

Cox plays divorced real estate agent Jules Cobb. Jules lives with her teenage son and hangs out with her best friend and next door neighbor Ellie and her hot and single coworker Laurie. She lives across the street from a recently divorced guy and this creates a few fun conflicts. Her golf bum ex husband is also in the picture. Cougar Town being an American situation comedy Jules lives in a really big house with a pool and everything.

An ongoing gag in this show is forty something cougar Barb showing up out of the blue to put her two cents in. I am less convinced of what happens to neighbor Grayson about a third of the way in as I liked him as he was.

Most episodes are quite good. The Valentine’s Day one is a personal favorite. Mystery Men on DVD 2 and Counting on You on DVD 3 are the weak ones.

Friends co-star Lisa Kudrow and Sheryl Crow show up for a couple of episodes each.

Cougar Town The Complete First Season is a fun to watch sitcom DVD set. It is also fun to see a show where characters are not TV stupid. I am not this comedy has the legs to last more than a couple of seasons though.

Special features on this 3 DVD sitcom set are Taming Cougar Town (a making of), Deleted Scenes, Bloopers, the Saber Tooth Tiger Town from Jimmy Kimmel Live, the My Sexualitay video, Ask Barb capsules where Barb gives sex advice, and Stroking It With Bobby Cobb where Bobby gives advice.

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