Comedy Monster
Don Tjernagel
Comedy DVD
Independent Release 2014
Available at comic s website

Donzilla does to good taste what Godzilla did to Tokyo but more thoroughly. Don Tjernagel’s idea of comedy is “a Voltaire reference in a butt fuck joke” or the American Gothic couple at a swinger’s party. This is not stand-up for the weak of heart. As a matter of fact, Tjernagel tells the story of an audience member so offended he got a heart attack. If, however, you like comics who have no fear and are smart enough to juggle racism, rape, political correctness, and supply shock dildo economics you are going to love Comedy Monster.

One of the highlights of Comedy Monster is Tjernagel’s diatribe against politically correct language that masks reality. Also of note in a solid performance are the bit about who really steals girls’ bikes and  a communist hooker with a Khrushchev reference.

But, really, the show is one dark trip down a fetid rabbit hole.

I wish he’d done more with the porn shop bridal registry.

There are a couple of weak points to this comedy DVD. Tjernagel sometimes seems to lack focus so the swinger’s party bit gets bogged down with how drunk the wife was and he sometimes gets off track.

This being an independent production, you can expect the occasional shot where Tjernagel is Bobbitted or the camera cuts are not quite in sync. The show however looks great on a large HDTV.

Nobody does dirty like Tjernagel, thank God! That’s why I’ve always liked him.

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