Comic burns Quran on stage to close show. This is the headline for Filthy, the latest Don Tjernagel stand-up comedy DVD.

He also uses the Quran as a coaster throughout the show. The credits for Filthy open with “This is an adult stand-up comedy show and will contain material that may be offensive to some people”. Well, DUH!, look at the title. Then again using “may” and “some” is not truthful. Normally, if Don Tjernagel does not make you squirm it is because you are dead. Normally.

Filthy is a lesser offering. Don Tjernagel has not really upped his game in a while. Though he excels at over the top offensive, material and has the smarts for very good social and political material with a nasty bite, the stand-up on this DVD is of the kind you hear at any nasty show.

Don Tjernagel s material includes fucking Pink, Justin Bieber, and other artificial creatures. There are a couple of rants about being too accepting towards mean people here but they are quite mild. The miscarried fetus in an aquarium bit is very funny and offensive.

The routine about Sex and the City being the cause of the economic crisis is almost good but is killed by a couple of Jewish conspiracy jokes that had no set up and no pay off.

I am most annoyed by the segments on how dirty comedy is not accepted and so on. Preaching to the converted is like pissing in a pool.

The most annoying thing on this stand-up comedy DVD is blue and green light patterns revolving in the background that make it look like the comic is stuck in an aquarium under a disco ball. That damn background is really, really annoying.

Don Tjernagel
Stand-up Comedy DVD
Independent Release 2011

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