The DVD version of Doug Stanhope Oslo – Burning the Bridge to Nowhere makes more sense and so is more interesting than the same show CD version.

Stanhope s introduction on the DVD helps: the audience has a non-native understanding and Stanhope found out about the gig at the last minute, allowing for little if any preparation time. This is not quite the reason why the DVD is better: being able to see the audience and the comic helps explain some of the odd reactions to the stand-up material and better understand some of the pacing and the material itself.

If you like adult, nihilistic, smart comedy Oslo – Burning the Bridge to Nowhere is a good one and a good bang for your buck.

 It is surprising what Doug Stanhope gets away with on this stand-up comedy DVD. From almost telling the audience they are an Aryan s dream, attacking their royal family, to telling they and other northern European countries should “pick a language”. In another comic s mouth this stuff would sound most ignorant; in Stanhope s mouth it is funny.

The rant against superficial observational comedy is good but you also feel the bitterness behind the words. A superb sequence begins with the abortion bit and includes why babies are bad for global warming.

Other good bits include the alien origins of man.

The show goes downhill as Stanhope gets sauced. This explains the gross-out, pointless Sarah routine and the next twenty or so minutes of sex jokes

Oslo – Burning the Bridge to Nowhere by Doug Stanhope is a series of hit and miss bits, more hit than miss.

Oslo Burning the Bridge to Nowhere
Doug Stanhope
Stand-up DVD and CD
Roadrunner Records 2011

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