Doing clean (unless you object to “ass”), laid back, audience friendly, non-generic stand-up is quite a feat. Andrew Norelli makes it sound easy on Cut Above Stupid. It is probably damning praise to say this is easy listening stand-up comedy MP3 download album but it is. Norelli gives an excellent performance and his short observations and commentary on daily life are intelligent, original, and just plain fun to listen to.

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Norelli focuses on the silly daily life stuff like the Staples clerk asking you what you plant to do with the point and shoot camera you are looking at or the rules at the Apple store. He also has some du jour material like the short Lady Gaga bit. Another good bit is about the silly things people say. I dare you not to steal one of this stand-up comic’s responses.

Andrew Norelli Cut Above Stupid is about the search for a simple, uncomplicated life. His rules for being a house guest, including you knowing your WiFi password and your cat not being able to open doors, kind of explain why he does not always reach his goal. In addition, he cannot even get a relaxing massage.

All of Cut Above Stupid is more than a cut above. There are still a couple of moments that particularly stand out. For me these include the San Francisco closet, anger management class, and friends getting older but not better bits. If there is a comparatively weaker moment it is the steroids routine.

There are a couple of bits on this stand-up comedy CD that make it not family friendly —–unless your kids already know S&M is not generic M&Ms

Cut Above Stupid
Andrew Norelli
Stand-up Comedy MP3 Download
Uproar! 2011
50 minutes

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