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Big Mommas Like Father, Like Son
Martin Lawrence, Brandon T. Jackson
Theatrical and Unreleased versions
Directed by John Whitesell
Fox home Entertainment 2011

Big Mommas Like Father, Like Son is the second sequel to Big Momma s House. Martin Lawrence is FBI agent Malcolm Turner. Brandon T. Jackson of Percy Jackson fame plays his stepson, Trent. Both end up in ugly dresses and really unconvincing makeup undercover at an all-girls school. This DVD is your basic guys in drag in girl environment comedy. It is entertaining but nothing special. Big Mommas Like Father, Like Son features both the Theatrical and Extended by four minutes versions.

Trent wants to go on tour as a DJ and needs his stepdad to sign a release. His stepdad wants him to go to college. Trent decides showing up at Malcolm s work will force his hand. Stepdad and stepson get caught up with some Russian mobsters. Everything centers on a USB key a crook Malcolm was working with hid at the Georgia Girls School of the Arts. That is where they go.

Nobody seems really interested in finding the USB key. A couple of forced musical numbers are tossed in for the Glee and High School Musical crowd

The movie is a series of hit and miss comic skits loosely tied together. It takes most of the movie for the bad Russians to show up again and not much has really happened meanwhile. There is a low budget car chase near the end.

This is a decent sequel comedy.

Special features on Big Mommas Like Father, Like Son DVD are a commentary track, deleted scenes, and a two minute long gag reel.