New Territory is a most aptly titled stand-up comedy DVD.

Carlos Mencia, best known for low brow humor ups his game to a different league. His rah-rah America tone cleverly sugarcoats the kind of social and political commentary associated with serious comics like Black, Carlin, and Hicks. If you hate Carlos Mencia and claim you keep an open mind New Territory is going to make you reconsider this stand-up comic.

Mencia’s 2011 Comedy Central DVD begins with a good stand-up bit about how and why America is great even during a bad economy. It is simplistic and panders to the audience which is now on board for the much more critical material Mencia is really interested in delivering.

If you think you know what Mencia will say about illegal immigration, you are wrong. American Tourists is superb in its explanation as to why Americans are arrogant even outside their country.

Carlos Mencia New Territory reaches its apex with Who Are We? and My 4 ½-year Old Son Gets It. This is very cutting commentary.

The rest of his Comedy Central show is solid but the routines feel a bit out of sequence and include one where Mencia feels the need to justify his kind of material.

The one weak element about this stand-up comedy DVD is the comic still uses what has come to be know as his dee-dee-dee retard voice to support some of his jokes. This not only talks down to his audience but takes away a lot of the bite from the commentary.

Carlos Mencia New Territory is what is says it is.

New Territory
Carlos Mencia
Stand-up comedy DVD
Comedy Central Records 2011

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