Comedy Rehab is a Latino stand-up comedy DVD featuring Paul Rodriguez, Gene Pompa, Shayla Rivera, and Many Mandanado.

I really could have done without the multiple cuts to back stage in the first couple of minutes. Rodriguez hosts Comedy Rehab and is also the opening act. If you are into Latino comedy, this DVD is entertaining enough.

Paul Rodriguez is his usual unfocused, all over the place self on Comedy Rehab. I’ve pretty much abandoned hope someone will one day sit this guy down and make him watch his excellent Live at San Quentin DVD to remind him how good he can be when he makes an effort.

Gene Pompa is a very short, somewhat connected routines kind of stand-up comic. His stand-up is nothing you have not heard before.

Shayla Rivera is pretty good. Her material is mostly fresh and funny. Rivera is a mother of two adult children and has a degree in aeronautics and psychology. She has a good stand-up bit on being and marrying a rocket scientist, “Houston, we have a problem.” Her empty nest and motherhood bit is also pretty good.

The closer on Comedy Rehab is Manny Maldanado. Maldanado is the strongest stand-up comic on this DVD. He had good energy. His valley boy delivery is a bit odd but the comic is very good at presenting various characters like white or black people picking fruit. He has a good bit on kids’ games now and back then I wish he had expanded and a decent bit on his ex. The second half of his act is only average as it repeats the usual Latino comedy clichés of high sex drive, young mothers who beat up their many kids, and so on.

Special features on the Paul Rodriguez Presents Comedy Rehab DVD are 40 minutes of various behind the scenes clips, an extra 23 minutes worth of Paul Rodriguez doing stand-up dressed as a conquistador, doing some historical comedy, and dealing with a heckler. You also get warm-up acts Dennis Gaxiola and Benny Martinez.

Comedy Rehab
Paul Rodriguez, Gene Pompa, Shayla Rivera, Many Mandanado
Stand-up Comedy DVD
Image Entertainment 2010
85 minutes

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