Aloha, Fluffy by Gabriel Iglesias is a very enjoyable stand-up comedy performance.

True, there are a couple of lesser moments such as the section about his relationship but overall this show is a lot of fun to watch. Iglesias occasionally swears so that might put those looking for family friendly stand-up off but it is nothing particularly noticeable unless you care about such things. Bonuses on this comedy Blu-ray include a sixteen-minute encore that includes a story about Fluffy’s first movie role and a taste of warm-up act Alfred Robles.

One of the strongest routines on this comedy Blu-ray is about teenage boys and their grooming habits. This is followed by a solid story about a prank the comic pulled to get even with one of his kids. Iglesias fans will enjoy the bit about breaking away from being labeled as a Mexican comic.

The closer is a story about a prank gift basket. Its pay-off is not all that but it is decent enough. The same can be said about the bit about performing in Saudi Arabia.

Aloha, Fluffy is going to please Gabriel Iglesias fans. Those not familiar with this comic might want to start with Hot and Fluffy first.

Aloha, Fluffy
Gabriel Iglesias
Stand-up comedy Blu-ray and DVD
Comedy Central Records 2013


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