Mr. Universe
Stand-up Comedy video download

Mr. Universe is the 5 dollar Jim Gaffigan download of his 75-minute stand-up comedy show. This is a superb performance well worth the download price and more. Gaffigan is at his funniest and smartest in this show and the production values are top notch.

There are many great long form routines on this stand-up video. A particularly great one is on, of all things, McDonalds. Gaffigan points out the hypocrisy of people who “never go” to the fast food joint, the odd qualities the food has, only to set you up for a pointed commentary on how we live in a McDonalds world of junk everything else.

Also good is the story about taking his family to Disneyworld and how they came up with some of the rides “Let’s hollow out a log and toss it down the river”.

Other bits include our technical obsession with taking pictures, going to the gym bit and the equipment and people and a hotel bit. Gaffigan somehow makes even those threadbare topics sound interesting and funny.

A personal favorite on Jim Gaffigan Mr. Universe is the whale bit, complete with sound effects. Pixar couldn’t do a better whale than Gaffigan does here. If you have an above ground pool you are going to loooove that bit and end up hating your pool.

This stand-up comedy show ends with another fast food bit, this time on Subway. It is very subtle in its total slam of the chain. The Domino’s theory punchline is simply brilliant (and true).

I have never been a fan of Jim Gaffigan’s “inner voice” commentary but here he does it just often enough for it to work without becoming annoying.

5 dollars for a great stand-up comedy video like this is ridiculously cheap if it is still available

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