Jim Jefferies is not a stand-up comic for even the not so easily offended. Jefferies killed in the Nasty Shows at the Just For Laughs Comedy Festival and he continues slaughtering the audience in I Swear to God, his  stand-up comedy DVD. Jefferies is an extremely smart and talented adult comic and this show more than proves it.

Jefferies opens his comedy special by making a case for the devil and suggesting heaven might be hell; he’s got a very good point. I was quite surprised he was not struck by lightning during his take on God, the 4’7” Jesus, and biblical stories. This is an absolutely superb, intelligent, wickedly funny routine aka a classic.

The next bit in this stand-up comedy special is some biographical material. Of course, Jefferies’ childhood is a bit on the unusual side with good comic “vibes”.  Not that the comedian plays favorites; his mother is the center of a really good story involving an elephant and a B movie.

The strangest moment in I Swear to God involves the big leather chair on stage. If you have seen Cosby Himself, you will notice Cosby and Jefferies’ mother have the same expression when it comes to child birth. When the comic actually sits in the chair, I cannot help but think of a very dirty version of the Cos explaining the difference between sluts and studs. His take on the difference  “motherfucker” and “cunt” as swear words is brilliant.

The next few minutes are devoted to the orgasm: Jefferies really knows how to finish off and does so with a great bit on a trip to a sex shop and then eggs on the audience to see how far he can go.

This Jim Jefferies stand-up comedy DVD is certainly not for the timid but it absolutely rocks.

I Swear to God
Jim Jefferies
Stand-up comedy DVD
HBO 2009


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