JB Smoove That’s How I Dooz It is a brilliant stand-up comedy DVD.

Smoove occasionally milks a joke or premise beyond anyone’s patience but remains a high energy, very physical, imaginative, sometimes magic comic. JB Smoove is also the only comic who can do a shadow puppet routine and later have chair sex so great you wince when his partner bumps its head.

This Comedy Central DVD features a brilliant L.A. cops foot chase. The wrist bending bit goes way too long but it does bring Smoove to the shadow puppet segment and its brilliant closer where Mr. Swan ends up in jail behind the chair.

In fact, the chair almost steals That’s How I Dooz It from under JB Smoove. It plays the parts of a perp, a jail cell, a girl learning to walk in heels, a grandmother, JB Smoove’s wive and sex partner, and a repoed car.

The King Kong closer is destined to be a stand-up comedy classic. Just that bit is worth the price of this JB Smoove DVD.

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That’s How I Dooz It
JB Smoove
Stand-up Comedy DVD
Comedy Central 2012
60 minutes

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