Jimmy Dore is a calm edgy comic. Granted, this is an oxymoron but this is the best way to describe the comedy on Citizen Jimmy, a Comedy Central special available either on DVD or CD. This is good stuff.

You know what you are in for right off the bat when Dore opens by admitting he likes to smoke up and watch TV evangelists. Citizen Jimmy is solid political and social stand-up and Jimmy Dore (The Marijuana-Logues) is perhaps the only comic who can do this material without any anger. His bemusement at the state of American politics, George Bush, and society in general veils a very caustic and sarcastic take on life.

What impresses about Jimmy Dore is the structure of his material: Tying in the troops in Afghanistan, Bob Hope, and Betty Crocker takes some doing. He can also be quite disarming and deceptively intelligent.

Dore is also very good at pointing out the dichotomy in the American psyche. His take on the shortage of troops and a possible draft is excellent. Also very good is his running gag on George Bush and terrah.

The most serious and interesting bit here is when the comic notices how Americans are gradually giving up their freedoms.

My favorite bit on Citizen Jimmy is the short bit on the word asshole.

The one weak moment in this stand-up comedy DVD is when Dore does a variation on the old news teaser: “Is something under your sink killing you? Find out at 11.” The comedian also recycles some old Clinton jokes.

Most odd about this stand-up comic is he sometimes delivers his punchline pretty much like Jeff Dunham’s Peanut. If you watch or listen to this comedy CD or DVD you’ll see or hear what I mean. This is not a put down, just really strange.

Stay tuned for the encore where Jimmy Dore does his bluest stuff and the world’s funniest librarian joke and crossword puzzle joke.

Citizen Jimmy
Jimmy Dore
Stand-up Comedy DVD or CD
Image Entertainment 2008
52 minutes

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