That’s How We Do It is an enjoyable and funny stand-up comedy DVD and CD set by comedian Anjelah Johnson.

Johnson doesn’t really bring anything new to the genre but she is very likeable and her material is funny. Anjelah Johnson is confident enough in her material so she does not go for the high key oversell, something I appreciate.

The Anjelah Johnson That’s How We Do It DVD features 8 short bits that did not make the cut for the show itself or the CD. For those who care this is clean stand-up comedy.

Johnson begins by introducing herself with a smart bit that includes a very funny routine on growing up poor. I wish she had expanded that routine just a bit more as it is funny and original. It segues nicely into a series of shortish bits about her family members and some autobiographical stuff.

This is followed about being a cheerleader for the Oakland Raiders. You need to be familiar with Raiders football and the 2002 Super Bowl to get a couple of the jokes.

This brings on Johnson’s famous bit about going to the nail salon.

Anjelah Johnson’s CD then features a very funny bit on how various ethnics hit on girls. Also good, but too short, is the church gossip prayer request bit.

The next few bits like Roscoe, Karate, Hollywood Homeless are weak. This is where Johnson’s relaxed style becomes a handicap as a little more energy might have made them somewhat better.

That’s How We Do It closes with a decent enough airplane bit and a character Johnson’s fans are familiar with Bonquiqui.

You want to watch the closing dance number which is also a fun callback to the title track.

Overall Anjelah Johnson That’s How We Do It is a good stand-up comedy CD and DVD set. It would have been excellent except for the last twenty or so minutes which are below average.

That’s How We Do It
Anjelah Johnson
Stand-up Comedy DVD and CD set
Warner Reprise 2010
60 minutes

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