The box says Mike Epps Under Rated & Never Faded but the title also reads & X-Rated. No doubt this was a marketing decision but it would have been nice to have some indication on the box or in the blurb for this stand-up comedy DVD this was adult material. Not that I care. Epps is a comic who takes a bit of getting used to. He is pretty good once you do. There is something different about how he jokes about Black that is refreshing but I do not know exactly why.

The stand-up comedy DVD starts off weak with a standard can’t play games with Black women bit and a uselessly dirty bit on pussy. Things pick up with a very good bit on having a Black President. It goes places no comedian has gone yet and savages Jesse Jackson. Also good is the bit on Black mothers and their relationship with their daughters.

MIke Epps’ next bit begins with religion and then focuses on current TV shows. I wish Epps had done more with the preachers bit but there you go. The jail bit is pretty good too.

What I fail to understand about Mike Epps is why he goes for easy toilet and pussy jokes. These are not a major part of this stand-up comedy DVD but they do get in the way and Epps is obviously a much better comic than that.

The special features here are a minute and a half interview and a commercial. Geez.

Under Rated & Never Faded
Stand-up Comedy DVD
Salient Media 2009

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