Stand-up comic Mike Birbiglia is funnier on DVD than on CD. My Secret Public Journal Live didn’t really stick with me but the same material by the same comedian is a lot funnier when you can see it as What I Should Have Said Was Nothing.

I really appreciate that there is a sticker that tells potential buyers there is a strong relationship between the material here and the CD.

Birbiglia is not on my favorites list. He is good but kind of superficially superficial.

Yet he has an excellent bit on George Bush, You Can’t Shoot The Shooter. It rivals anything political comics have done and the attack is done much more elegantly.

His callback on that material is also very good and something I do not remember hearing on the CD

I am a fan of long form comedy where a story is told. Again, the comic’s routine about a really bad show and charity event is funnier when you can see his body language support the story.

One bit I especially liked on What I Should Have Said Was Nothing was the army of stand-up comics speculation.

One of the extras features is a 25-minute encore. Birbiglia is a bit loose here and trying some newer material. It is pretty good stuff and there are even good references to the show itself.

The sympathy card bit is my favorite here.

If you are looking for a comic who works clean but with a couple of adult references here Birbiglia is your guy and this DVD a good bet.

What I Should Have Said Was Nothing
Mike Birbiglia
Stand-up Comedy DVD
Shout! Factory 2008
60 minutes plus extras

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