Wanda Sykes is at the top of her game in I’mA Be Me, her 2010 stand-up comedy DVD from her HBO special.

Sykes is a wickedly smart observational comic whose sometimes biting commentary is somewhat defused by an impish quality that gives you the impression she is surprised and pleased she got away with what she just said. This stand-up comedy DVD features a little bit of the Obama material Sykes used at the 2009 White House Correspondent’s Dinner. It also features adult language and topics.

Sykes opens strong with a bit on the First Black President, the First Couple, and Health Care. It is followed by a wickedly funny bit on the metric system, a topic I hadn’t seen exploited in a long while and to which the comic brings something new. Also good is her take on immigration. The short Latina Judge routine is weak and Sykes’ opening to Coming Out is on the lame side but she makes it one of the best routines on this stand-up comedy DVD and on the topic.

Also excellent on I’mA Be Me is the male gay cruise bit, “I was the only person there with a shirt on!”  The motherhood and getting older bits are also good but not as good as the rest of the material here.   The celebrity commercial bit is pretty funny.

Wanda Sykes Im’A Be Me is a rock solid stand-up comedy DVD.

I’mA Be Me
Wanda Sykes
Stand-up Comedy DVD
HBO Warner Home Entertainment 2010
86 minutes

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