Ralphie May
Just Correct
CD 60 MInutes
DVD 120 minutes with extras
Parental Advisory

I was so ready to slam this guy. Ralphie May (RIP) came in second in Last Comic You Can Stand, the pseudo-reality show where mostly unfunny comedians performed bland, safe sets. Unfortunately, we call them like we hear and see them and Ralphie May is more than Just Correcton this this stand-up comedy DVD and CD he is very good. It is just a matter of personal taste that he is not excellent, many think so and they are not wrong.

This guy is sort of an angry, politically, and racially incorrect white Fat Albert. That he can get away with some of the racial jokes says a lot about how well written, delivered, and thought out this stand-up comic’s material is. His website says he is a hip-hop comic and he most certainly has a ‘hood style but there is much more than that. There is something aggressively charming about this guy that gives him carte blanche, whether it is when he takes the tiger’s side in the Siegfried and Roy incident, points out the ridiculousness of having White sales on Martin Luther King day, notices the only minority not to have their own holiday are fat people, taking shots at every minority around, to skewering the most sacred American icon: the Kennedys. The scope of this humorist’s material is amazingly wide and he makes it look so easy which is the mark of a real pro.

The CD version of Just Correct is basically the soundtrack to the live in performance stand-up comedy DVD. Both have flawed sound. You should not have to frequently adjust the volume while listening to any CD and having to do that on a comedy CD is just unacceptable and the same thing can be said about the DVD.

The DVD itself is a performance filmed at the Laugh Factory. The video quality is a few notches below that of an HBO special and a couple of notches above a good independent release DVD. Interestingly, the lights were left up in the club to make getting audience reactions easier. The extras on the DVD, a chronicle of Ralphie May’s USO tour in Iraq and scenes on the cutting room floor are of minor interest. Weirdly enough, the menu on the stand-up comedy DVD itself is not at all the same as that on its sleeve; go figure.

Track List CD and DVD

I Live With Mexicans
Door-to-Door Pussy
Jack in the Box/ Gzak up in da B-ox
From the South
Fucking With Minorities
Martin L. King
Too Fat
Mexicans Take a Joke
Gay People
Siegfried & Roy
Fat Bastards
Mexican Bastards
End Rap


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