Steven Wright is that very dry, wry, one-liner comic whose observations really do make your head spin. Dali was perhaps as surreal as Wright, but he wasn’t as funny. When the Leaves Blow Away marks a long awaited return to TV and stand-up comedy DVD. Hell, only Wright can consciously make a baby monitor joke fresh and his girlfriend jokes make other comics green with envy.

Wright is still at the very top of his game in this stand-up comedy special. 60 minutes worth of brilliant observations and comments that would take any other comic a career to come up with are presented effortlessly as if all these things are mundane:

“The universe is expanding; that should ease the traffic.”

“Imagine Pulitzer Prize-fighting?”

“I think it’s wrong just one company makes Monopoly.”

Steven Wright does not always do one-liners. He has a superb series of Picassoesque observations that start off with a soup bowl.

I am pretty sure the string bit is a repeat from an earlier performance.

Wright fans should be aware When the Leaves Blow Away features the same material as his stand-up comedy CD I Still Have a Pony.

When The Leaves Blow Away
Steven Wright
Stand-up Comedy DVD
Image Entertainment 2007
78 minutes

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