Just For Laughs Stand-Up
Volume 2
Lewis Black, Mitch Hedberg, Dane Cook, Dave Attell
Jim Breuer, Maria Bamford, Harland Williams,
Greg Giraldo, Sean Cullen, Mitch Fatel
Image Entertainment 2006
86 minutes plus extras

Just For Laughs Stand-Up Volume 2, On The Edge, features the Montreal International Comedy Festival gala performances by comedy’s edgiest and funniest comics. What makes this stand-up comedy DVD a must is that you get the best sets and the edgy, adult oriented comedy without the blue language that some people object to (though how you can enjoy edgy comedy and cringe at dirty words at the same time is beyond me). You also get fourteen gala stand-up comedy performances by the best comics in the business. Just For Laughs Stand-Up Volume 2 On The Edge is better than a gala because you get to watch it in the comfort of your home and you get more comics on this comedy DVD than you would in a live gala show.

Just For Laughs Stand-Up Volume 2, On The Edge is a who’s who of stand-up comics whose observations and jokes, even when about airplanes, go way beyond the usually safe stuff. Where else but here will you hear an airplane joke about Dave Attell’s favorite plane crash? You also get some early Dane Cook material about the evils of Speak N’ Spell and Simon and a second Dane Cook performance featuring more mature material -relatively speaking, this is Dane Cook after all–about leaving a legacy, relationships, a very weird bit about a car accident. You also get to hear Maria Bamford’s great talent at voices -especially evident in her Miss America the stand-up comedienne bit-and experience as a temp. Why Maria Bamford does not do cartoon voice work (although she was in Stuart Little 2) is beyond me.

No stand-up comedy DVD that claims to feature comics on the edge is complete without the great Lewis Black, a personal favorite. This comedy DVD features his material about Nyquil, weird weather, eggs, and a very funny plea for Canada to invade the United States (Lewis, we want to but every time we ask permission to we are turned down. Sorry about that.). Lewis Black also appears in a second set here featuring his famous Starbucks bit.

Any stand-up comedy DVD that claims to show edgy comics can’t be without Dave Attell so here again you get two performances by the balding one. A double does of the late Mitch Hedberg is also included here. Hedberg was a stand-up comic whose one-line observation comedy was surreal, intelligent, original, and definitely cool. Other edgy comedians here are Harland Williams, Jim Breuer, Greg Giraldo, and the always way over the top Sean Cullen who here does a very good bit about James Bond villains and James Bond movie themes.

The only criticism I can really make about the Just For Laughs DVDs is that it would be nice to have a performance date to go with each set.

Just For Laughs Stand-Up Volume 2 On The Edge is a must for any fan of stand-up comedy that goes beyond the usual stuff.

Track list:

Dane Cook 4:43
Harland Williams 6:19
Maria Bamford 4:43
Lewis Black 7:16
Dave Attell 8:17
Mitch Hedberg 5:45
Jim Breuer 5:43
Mitch Fatel 5:45
Sean Cullen 7:00
Dave Attell 7:00
Lewis Black 4:18
Mitch Hedberg 5:45
Dane Cook 6:30
Greg Giraldo 5:45


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