Sean Altman and Rob Tannenbaum are funny guys, or at least their musical comedy CD What I Like About Jew is a funny CD – well most of it is funny. I like comedy songs and musical humor whether Borge, Flanders and Swan or Carla Ulbrich. With any CD regardless of genre there are stronger tracks and weaker tracks the success of a work depends heavily on having more good than bad or a single track that is so undeniably a tour de force the CD has it made in the shade.

What I Like About Jew is a collection of songs which vary in style, tone and humor from the smart to the stereotypical. The first track, a swing beat song called Hot Jewish Chicks for instance plays off of every stereotype of Jewish women you can conceive of with the net effect of having a great start but getting tedious after a while. In a strong counterpoint the rock beat second track Today I Am A Man is funny from start to finish – a clever account of a boy’s experiences around his bar mitzvah. Equally impressive is the third track JDate which could be about any online dating service but is about the experience with the renowned online site for Jewish singles.

The humor on this CD, as anyone can tell by the title, is Jewish humor and it is frequently as bawdy as Buddy Hackett. There is a female voice on this CD which isn’t listed on the advance promo CD but she has pipes that will remind listeners of Pat Benatar in the early ‘80s. The track Leave A Tip In The Jar is a wonderful track both musically and for laughs.

There is only one boring track on this stand-up comedy CD and it is the first one, after that it’s all good. Sometimes it is down right weird like Jews For Jesus, stereotypical in the case of A Jew In The White House, bizarre The Porno Made Me Do It and Zip It Up but it is never boring. Any fan of musical humor and Jewish humor will enjoy this CD it has solid musicality, funny lyrics and most importantly clear sound.

What I Like about Jew
Stand-up comedy CD
Inpendent release

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