A Weird Al Yankovic video is one thing, seeing him perform his parodies live is a whole new experience. Weird Al Yankovic Live! The Alpocalypse Tour is a show taped in Toronto in July 2011. This stand-up comedy DVD or Blu-ray  features 17 songs including a greatest hits medley and changes costumes for just about every one of them. This is a musical comedy DVD like no other.

Yankovic opens with a medley that includes Lady GagGag’s Poker Face. In sequence there are spoofs of Taylor Swift, Nirvana in the excellent Smells Like Nirvana where Yankovic even dresses up like Cobain, a Weezer-like tune, Milley Cyrus with Party in the CIA, Greenday and Canadian Idiot with lyrics tuned to the venue, the Prince styled Wanna B Ur Lover.

This is followed by a medley of Al’s Greatest hits like Money For Nothing with the Beverly Hillbillies story, Eat It, My Bologna. This is followed by Amish Paradise inspired by Coolio.

The second half of the show featured musical spoofs I did recognize like Perform This Way and the Doors-like Craigslist. Yankovic does an excellent Jim Morrison reincarnation and one of his musicians is a great Ray Mansarek lookalike.

Also part of the show are the Fat version of Michael Jackson’s Bad. The audience talks along with the video dialogue. It is really, really cool to see it live with Yankovic in a Jackson fat suit.

The encore is The Saga Begins (Star Wars done to American Pie) and the Kinks based Yoda. It is complete with stormtroopers.

Comedy Central CD and DVD Reviews Page:

The DVD is not simply concert footage. The director also blends in some of the animation being shown on giant screens and a few clips from videos. This is done quite elegantly and to great effect.

You are officially over the hill when you can’t recognize more than half of the tunes Weird Al is spoofing so thanks to Wikipedia for the assist.

Is it just me of does the bass player look like a cross between Neil Young and Jack Nicholson?

Special features on Weird Al Yankovic Live! The Alpocalypse Tour are videos for Perform This Way and Polka Face. Extra show footage for Frank’s 2000-inch TV, the James Taylor like You Don’t Love Me Anymore, and You Make Me. There are also a bunch of YouTube clips.

Weird Al Yankovic Live!
The Alpocalypse Tour
Weird Al Yankiovic
Comedy Central Records 2011
85 minutes

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