T.J. Miller’s first stand-up comedy DVD is solid and very funny.

No Real Reason features short bits about things few comics talk about such as vomiting in the streets or what Stephen King is like when he writes. He also has surreal stand-up about ketchup bottle legs, silly one-liners, and bits too weird to pigeonhole. Miller (Chelsea Lately, Our Idiot Brother) does generally clean, sometimes very adult, quick paced stand-up. He relies a lot on his facial expressions to support or create some of his material.

One of T.J. Miller’s strengths is variety. Most comics have but one or two textures to their material. Miller does a lot of different kinds of jokes from the silly rider in his contract and a voluntarily bad one-liner about prefaces to some rather abstract bits. This strength is also a bit of a weak point as the comedian switches tack so quickly and so often you get discombobulated and can’t appreciate everything.

There are a couple of very odd moments on T.J. Miller No Real Reason. One is created by an audience member. Another is created by Miller himself in the middle of his characters bit near the end of the show. The latter makes no sense whatsoever but oddly enough makes sense considering the comic.

T.J. Miller No Real Reason closes with the DMV bit.

This stand-up comedy DVD is very different from the musical comedy Miller does on his CD The Extended Play EP

Special features on No Real Reason are three outtakes and two very short films. Meh.

No Real Reason
T.J. Miller
Stand-up Comedy DVD
Comedy Central Records 2011
64 minutes

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