Does This Need To Be Said? is a solid but meandering stand-up comedy DVD by Craig Ferguson.

Some fans of the Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson might be shocked to learn Ferguson swears more than a sailor who has been at sea for five years and learns he has VD. This is especially true in the opening bit on not being able to swear on his TV show where Ferguson drops the F word some fifteen times in a row. This, however, really should not put you off this DVD.

This Craig Ferguson DVD opens with a very, very odd musical ditty and the comic telling the audience he is going to tell a dirty joke. The rest of the show is a digression that includes a bit about the Pope, the nickel jar at home, sex ed back in Scotland when he was a wee lad, sexting and Tiger Woods.

This segues into some stand-up on celebrities caught with their pants down and overly sensitive celebrities. Here, Craig Ferguson inserts an old routine about Fabio being hit by a goose. It is still funny.

Does This Need To Be Said? sags a bit in the middle. You get the impression Ferguson is trying to figure out how he is going to get back to the show he’d planned on.

Craig Ferguson gets back on track with a bit about how technology has made our meanness more immediate. It includes a superb bit about the work it too to write an angry letter back in medieval times, and sex with an upper class Brit.

There is an odd moment near the end of this stand-up comedy DVD where it sounds like Ferguson had to voice over two lines about his father looking for water. Go figure.

He finally gets around to telling the joke. It’s not that funny. The show closes with another musical number and ditty.

Does This Need To Be Said?
Craig Ferguson
Stand-up Comedy DVD
Comedy Central Records 2011
65 minutes

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