Godfrey Black By Accident is an entertaining, sometimes excellent stand-up comedy DVD.

It would have been better if Godfrey had not used adult language. It just does not really fit with the material and his stage persona. Also questionable is the comic’s habit of cracking himself up: it feels forced. Overall though, Black By Accident is quite fun to watch as Godfrey is very funny and a superb physical comic.

The first half of Black By Accident is city based. Godfrey’s take on how people react in the rain or when it is really cold, how they act in the subway and with homeless people is very funny. This is material that really belongs on a DVD as the comic really knows how to use body language to support his material.

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Also good is the bit on panties and drawers. It is very funny even if Godfrey does not bring anything new to the topic. It segues very nicely into an excellent women vs. men segment that has the audience in stitches.

Much less successful is the airplane bit. It makes you want to put all comics on a no fly list for the next 10 years.

The First Black Moment in Sports is another routine where Godfrey’s physical comedy abilities serve him well. This is one routine that could have been longer.  The compulsory Obama bit is a waste.

Godfrey Black By Accident closes with a very weak routine about the Olympics. If you are not an American it is closer to truth than comedy.

Special features on this stand-up comedy DVD are an interview and two short scenes with the make-up lady.

Black By Accident
Stand-up Comedy DVD
Comedy Central Records 2011
68 minutes

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