6Teen – Take This Job And Squeeze It
Created by Jennifer Pertsch and Tom McGillis
Nelvana Productions
3 episodes
kaBOOM! Entertainment 2005
65 minutes


6Teen is aimed at, you guess it, teenagers and tweens. Like, dude, it’s got all the far out language of the teen set, some very cool graphics, and storylines any high school student will immediately relate to. 6Teen is one of the many fine cartoons on Teletoon, the Canadian Cartoon Network, and though it is not going to be a classic it is most righteous in many, like, cool ways, eh? It is sort of a more modern and slightly edgier version of Archie.

6Teen is the story of Caitlin, a spoiled rich kid, Jen, the sensible kid in the gang, Jonesy, one of those high school Romeos -although he gets shot down more often than he loses his latest job, Jude, a skater dude who sounds like he is straight out of California beach culture, Nikki, the slacker and sarcastic one, and Wyatt, the Black guy who is basically the Black guy. They basically live at the local mega mall where they hang out and work for the summer.

The three episodes on 6Teen Take This Job And Squeeze It are quite entertaining, probably more so if you are a teenager. The title episode on this DVD is also the pilot and serves to introduce the gang, get Caitlin into the gang, and set up the getting a summer job plot that will sustain the other episodes. Jen already works at a lemonade stand where she has to wear a big lemon shaped hat while she waits for the day she can get her dream summer job; working at the cartoon equivalent of the Footlocker or Athlete’s Foot. She drills her friends into how to do an interview so they can get a summer job too. Though her advice is valid, the kids do not succeed at first. Eventually, they do all get jobs and, of course, most of them hate them.

Episode 2 of Take This Job And Squeeze It was written by Canadian comic Sean Cullen (formerly of Corky and the Juice Pigs). Basically, the kids scheme to get a sick day at work so Jonesy can sneak them into his latest job: the mall amusement park.

A Lime To Party is when Jonesy gets a job at a lime stand that competes with Caitlin’s lemonade stand and Nikki and Jude compete against each other for Wyatt’s extra backstage pass to a rock concert. Interesting but not great.

6Teen is another fine Nelvana production with really cool graphics and decent storylines. It’s the kind of light fluffy cartoon most teens will enjoy.


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