This It It! would turn out to be it for Bob Newhart and stand-up comedy albums.

The Collector’s Choice reissue features the original cover and back cover artwork. This stand-up comedy CD also features an interesting insert tracking the Bob Newhart story and providing information as to the tracks themselves. This Is It! is not the best Bob Newhart CD but it does feature a couple of classics and a couple of good bits.

The Bob Newhart classic on This Is It! is Modern Witch Doctor where a witch doctor gets a phone call asking him to make a house call. The other two tracks often found in compilations are Daddy of All Hangovers, which is simply OK, and On Trains And Planes.

This Bob Newhart CD opens with a track many have probably not heard often, perhaps ever, Prenatal Twins. I can’s even remember hearing this conversation between two twins in utero. The CD gets its title from this track

Topless Clubs is dated. The joke is some city fathers doing an investigative trip to one of the clubs. You really need to see Newhart’s body language to get this one.

Pussy Cat is by today’s standards very politically incorrect because of Newhart’s flaming queen voice effect in the routine about a gay guy calling his brother and asking him to take care of his cat. The joke itself is pretty good.

This stand-up comedy CD reissue is really for true fans. The Prenatal Twins bit would make a nice gift if you know someone expecting twins.

This Is It!
Bob Newhart
Stand-up Comedy CD
Originally released 1967
Collector’s Choice 2009
23 minutes

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