Puppets Who Kill
Best of Seasons 3 and 4
Dan Redican, Cuddles Comfort Doll, Buttons Bear
2 DVD 13 Episodes
Originally aired 2005-06
VSC 2011

Puppets Who Kill is the very very odd Comedy Network situation comedy starring Dan Redican as the owner of a halfway house for puppets. There is nothing quite like this show. Puppets Who Kill is good, original, viewer discretion style comedy. This DVD set features six of thirteen season 3 shows and 7 of 13 season 4 shows.

Dan Barlow (Redican) is in charge of puppets on parole. They are Cuddles the Comfort Doll, Buttons the Bear, Rocko the Dog, and Bill the Ventriloquist Dummy.  Each of the   Best of Seasons 3 and 4 episodes features one of the puppets getting in some kind of trouble. Of course the solution includes some off screen killing or other mayhem.

This show works even though Redican is often upstaged by the puppets. He and the supporting actors all use the flat Canadian acting style that keeps Canadian actors and their career in the country.

This is a Canadian situation comedy but there are only a couple of episodes where you need to know your Canadiana to appreciate the humor. One is The CBC is Killing Again (Puppets Who Kill DVD 1) where Canadian Broadcasting Corporation bigwigs hire Bill to eliminate the competition. Jokes about nobody knowing who the Global News Team is only work if you get Global. Part of the joke is that network on which the show airs, the Comedy Network, is owned by rival CTV.

Other fun episodes include Dan having a problem with a neighbor returning stuff and Buttons convinced he will die if he has sex with his girlfriend; a woman becoming one of the parolees; and the puppets trying to outdo each other to show they deserve Dan’s inheritance

The black and white episode with allusions to the Maltese Falcon sort of. (DVD 2) is really lame.

Special features on Puppets Who Kill Best of Seasons 3 and 4 are commentary tracks on some episodes

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