6Teen – Idol Time at the Mall
3 Episodes 1 DVD
KaBoom! Entertainment

6 Teen Idol Time at the Mall DVD features 3 episodes of the hit cartoon for tweens and teens. The episodes on this DVD are Idol Time at the Mall, Breaking Up With the Boss’ Sob, and The Five Finger Discount.

Idol Time at the Mall is an American Idol based story that has a hard time rising above the American Idol premise. Wyatt wins the contest but when Jude, Caitlin, Jonesy, and Jen fail to show up for his big premiere he gets angry and changes the lyrics to the song thus losing his friends. I am sure there is some kind of message about friendship here but aside from the cartoon versions of judges Simon, Paula, and the other guy there is little to make this episode stand out.

The second episode on this 6Teen DVD is Breaking Up With The Boss’s Son: Jen has a crush on the boss’ son for a while. She gets tips on how to be a bad girlfriend from the dudes. Meanwhile Jonesy ends up working at a nerd store for a while. This show is okay but not great.

Five Finger Discount has Jonesy working yet another job at the coolest store in the mall and Jude falls in love with a chair. He also gets Jen to shoplift when she falls for a Penalty Box jacket: bad idea. If there is a lesson to be learned here, it is certainly wasted and false.

6Teen Idol Time at the Mall is not the best DVD in the series although fans of the show will certainly enjoy it.


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