Being Ian Hurry For Hollywood
aired on YTV
2 episodes 1 DVD
Peace Arch Home Entertainment 2007

Being Ian is the animated story of a young boy, Ian Kelly, who is determined to have a career in filmmaking.  This is a regular cartoon on YTV television and Hurry for Hollywood is a two part episode from the second season on one DVD.  In this instalment, Ian persuades his father to take a family vacation (his family includes Ian, his two buffoonish brothers, his over-organized father, and his granola-loving mother) from Burnaby, B.C. -yea Canadian content- to Hollywood.  Ian however has an ulterior motive – he wants to enter one of his films in a contest.  Ian is in a big rush to get to California, however his parents have other plans…

There are some good sides to Being Ian Hurry For Hollywood, and some not so good sides.  Let me start with the not so good.  To start, I find the theme song to the cartoon a little too aggressive.  I guess it is intended to catch and keep the interest of kids, however it gets old, quickly.  Next, there was an instance where Ian’s (usually happy and permissive) mother slaps one of Ian’s brothers on the back of the head – and that is something I don’t need to see in a cartoon.  Ian’s brothers are a little older, and therefore some of the content is better suited for older kids.

That said, let’s look at the good sides.  Ian is a very focused kid who works hard to get what he wants – a pretty good example.  He has a special way of looking at the world, and it is a fun perspective.  In addition, the ridiculous situations that he often finds himself in are really funny, and will appeal to kids of all ages.


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