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My Boys Seasons 2 and 3
Jordana Spiro, Jim Gaffigan, Kyle Howard
Reed Scott, Kellee Stewart, Michael Bunin
18 episodes 2 DVD
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 2010

My Boys is a very enjoyable TBS situation comedy that would probably get a lot more attention on a big network. The show has an original premise, solid characters, and can be quite funny. This 18 show sitcom DVD set features seasons 2 and 3 of My Boys on 2 DVD.

Jordana Spiro plays Chicago sports writer P.J. Franklin. P.J. spends an inordinate amount of time with her brother (comic Jim Gaffigan), her best guy friend who is living with her, and a couple of other dudes. They usually hang at the local watering hole or P.J’s on poker night. P.J. also has a girl friend in whom she confides. P.J. sometimes comments on things or moves the story through voiceover. This works because My Boys does not overdo it.

My Boys season 2 episode 2 shows why this situation comedy works. P.J. has a blind date party. Of course it goes wrong but how it goes wrong is not your usual sitcom fodder. This is also obvious in Season 3 episode 3 where Stephanie observes the guys for a Cosmo article.

The same can be said about the characters. They are types but not stereotypes. They are also brighter than most sitcom characters. The underlying romantic tension between Bobby and P.J. adds a bit to the mix and is serves as this sitcom’s cliffhanger from season one and to season 3.

Especially good is My Boys Season 3 episode 2 where the boys and P.J.’s new boyfriend go on a stakeout to find out who P.J.’s new boyfriend is. Season 3 episode 7, Facebook of the Past sucks.

This situation comedy has a continuing story line but you can skip a show or two and not be lost.

There are unfortunately no special features for this 2 DVD sitcom set.
Jim Gaffigan – Beyond The Pale

Jim Gaffigan – Doing My Time

Jim Gaffigan – King Baby

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