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The Fresh Prince of Bel Air
Will Smith, James Avery, Karyn Parsons
Aired 1995-96
3 DVD 24 Episodes
3 DVD 24 Episodes
Warner Home Video 2011

Fresh Prince of Bel Air had just about overstayed its welcome by the time the last and sixth season rolled around. The episodes are still entertaining but the premises and gags are familiar. The highlight of Fresh Prince Season 6 is the William Shatner episode on DVD 3. This sitcom DVD set features 24 episodes on 3 discs. The shows themselves are on the grainy side, showing their videotape origin.

The show s weakness aside from Smith and Ribeiro often overacting is it did not evolve much beyond the original premise of a kid from the hood going to his rich relatives in Beverly Hills. You know Fresh Prince of Bel Air Season 6 is going to feature lots of jokes about fat Uncle Phil, nerd Carlton, and dumb Hilary. Will is still a smart-mouth but he gets away with it. He also gets away with a lot of disasters including burning down the kitchen before a big night in the opening episode.

Episode 2 features comic Chris Rock and Will dressed in a chicken suit: once you know that there is no point watching it. The two-part Thanksgiving show has its moments but the jail thing is lame.

There are a few episodes like the one where Carlton fears not getting accepted at Princeton where you wish the show had give Alfonzo Ribeiro more to do with his not-Black-enough-maybe-gay jokes character.

The final episode features the Drummonds from Diff'rent Strokes and the Jeffersons.

There are no special features in this sitcom DVD set but episode 19 on disc 3 is a behind the scenes and blooper show with Dick Clark.

Look for B.B. King as the Randy Newman style blues musician in Bourgie Sings the Blues. Home Improvement s Zachery Ty Bryan shows up as a homeless kid.

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