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Growing Pains Season 2
Alan Thicke, Joanna Kearns, Kirk Cameron, Tracey Gold
3 DVD 22 Episodes
Orignally aired 1986-87
Warner Home Video 2011

Growing Pains The Complete Second Season features 22 episodes of this very family friendly sitcom on 3 DVD. This show will entertain anyone looking for a lightweight situation comedy they can very safely watch with their kids. The Seaver family has good values and very minor problems. In fact, there are stories of star Kirk Cameron making sure the show never got close to serious. The show lasted seven seasons and three too many.

The Seavers are a nice bunch and the kind of issues most of us would consider quite normal:  a kid breaking curfew or lying, the boys crashing their sister s pajama party, getting too many dates or no date to the school dance, Carol spreading a rumor to be popular and learning the lesson that goes with it: things like that.

Aside from being entertaining and not too demanding, another of Growing Pains positive points is the Seavers are not your typical dumb TV parents and Mike, Carol, and Ben are not smart-ass know-it-all TV kids who always get one over their mom and dad. Many will see this as a welcome change from more recent fare.

The annual issue show has Mike turning down cocaine at a party and Kirk Cameron giving a Just Say No speech at the end of the show (DVD 2 of Growing Pains Season 2)

If you want something your tweens will enjoy and watch safely, this sitcom is it. You might want to be careful with The Breakfast Club episode on disc 2 where the parent feels she must give herself the same punishment as she gave her kid.