George Lopez
The Complete First and Second Seasons
George Lopez, Constance Marie, Mashiela Lusha
Originally broadcast ABC 2002-03
28 episodes 4 DVDs
Warner Home Video 2007

I have never been a big fan of the George Lopez show but I enjoyed this DVD set. Perhaps it is because of when this situation comedy was scheduled or what shows preceded and followed it. It could also be because good sitcoms are harder and harder to come by and after a while you give up. Whatever the reason, George Lopez The Complete First and Second Season though enjoyable, pretty original, well-acted, and fresh has not convinced me to make the George Lopez show a Tivo kind of thing but I enjoyed this 4 DVD 28 episode collection.

I think the reason I did not click with the George Lopez show is the rhythm in this sitcom is quite different from the usual offerings and it takes a little getting used to; something easier to do with this 4 DVD 28 episode box set. It could also be because Lopez is the first sitcom dad in a long time who is not basically an inept idiot who relies on his wife for everything in his home life going well. When you have grown up on a diet of stupid dads, it takes some getting used to.

George Lopez basically plays George Lopez as a Hispanic American who, at the beginning of the series has made it to middle management at an aviation plant. He is the head of your basic whitebread TV sitcom family: a wife and two kids. His mother, a rather sour take no prisoners kind of woman, is an important presence in his home and work life.

George Lopez the character is a pretty cool guy. He has a good relationship with the people he supervises, a solid and stable family life, and he can actually discuss womanly things with his teenage daughter: when was the last time a sitcom dad was able to do that without making the experience a total disaster to get a few cheap laughs? Granted, showing his kids Texas Chain Saw Massacre as a street safety lesson is not the brightest thing he has ever done.

A couple of the shows in The Complete 1st and 2nd Seasons of George Lopez are not particularly good such as Who’s Your Daddy where George lies to his son about what kind of man his father was and Halloween Cheer which can’t figure out if it is about Halloween or Carmen’s personal crisis. The special effect flashback with George as a kid in the former is original though and Lopez does a pretty good Bill Cosby imitation in the latter. Some of the shows are pretty good even if they are issued oriented such as when the Lopez’ learn their son is dyslexic.

The Christmas show is fun and original as Lopez tries to one-up his wealthy father in law. You have to like the Mexican version of A Christmas Carol George and his family go and see in search of tradition: “I can’t believe they shot Santa for wearing the wrong color.”

The writing in this the George Lopez show is usually above average. There are quite a few original plots, setups, and lines in this show. Look for Sandra Bullock playing Accident Amy, a goofy broad much like her Miss Congeniality character,in a couple of the season 1 shows. It’s a fun feature. Also looks for Cheech Marin in an episode where George believes he has found his father.

Special features on George Lopez The Complete First and Second Seasons are Inside the Comedic Mind and a bloopers reel.


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