Don’t bother. That is the kindest comment I can come up with for this George Lopez stand-up comedy CD.

Tall, Dark and Chicano is the shortened soundtrack of George Lopez ‘ Live 2009 HBO stand-up comedy special. The only other positive thing about this stand-up comedy CD is that it is some twenty minutes shorter than the TV special. This is angry sounding, sometimes generic comedy with an annoyingly cavernous sound.

If you are expecting the George Lopez of the George Lopez TV show, think again. Lopez begins the show angry and aggressive and this doesn’t change throughout the show.

Tall,Dark and Chicano opens with a decent Latino pride routine that slams the whitening of Latino culture: “A burrito will always be a burrito. It can’t be a wrap.” The longest bit here is about kids then and now. This is the old we were free and kids today are over-protected.

Probably funnier if your Spanish is decent enough is Sayings where Lopez discusses the impossible translation of Latino expressions. Less successful even if you are bilingual are the taser bit, White Men and Latinas.

This is followed by very adult stand-up comedy bits on vibrators, sexual prowess and positions, and an already dated bit about the guy who trekked the Appalachian trail while in Argentina with his Latina mistress.

Somewhat funny on this George Lopez stand-up CD is the bit on how some politicians like Obama and Palin are Latino at heart. The Palin jokes is quite funny, really.

I am not against agenda stand-up comedy. Unfortunately, George Lopez Tall, Dark and Chicano features too many basically humorless moments.

Tall, Dark and Chicano
George Lopez
Stand-up Comedy CD
Comedy Central Records 2009

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