The New Adventures of Old Christine Season 3
Julia Louis-Dreyfuss, Wanda Sykes, Clark Gregg
10 Episodes 3 DVD
Originally aired 2008
Warner Brothers 2010

The New Adventures of Old Christine is a situation comedy starring Julia Louis-Dreyfuss that lasted five seasons.

Season 3 of Old Christine is decent enough. In a major departure from Elaine (Seinfeld) Julia Louis-Dreyfuss plays an extremely self-centered single woman. Christine is divorced and her ex’s new girlfriend is also named Christine so Louis-Dreyfuss is old Christine. She shares a house with her brother and her young son. She owns a gym with a friend named Barbara (comic Wanda Sykes). A good thing about this sitcom is the son is not front and center all the time.

The third season of this situation comedy opens with Christine getting it on with Blair Underwood. This raises a few insecurities and many scheduling problems. She also meets a single dad (comic Tom Papa).

Other shows in this sitcom feature new Christine setting up old Christine on a date with Scott Baio and Richard and new Christine buying a new house. Dave Foley guest stars in a pointless episode. Jason Alexander looks between Christine’s legs in the last episode

Season three of The New Adventures of Old Christine shows a sitcom that rarely  rises above the ordinary and generic.

It is difficult to like selfish, self-centered Christine so it is hard to care about the show.


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